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Tokushima, Japan’s Anime Event MACHI☆ASOBI
Tokushima, Anime’s Cutting Edge!!
Anime Fan Paradise, Machi Asobi

The Anime Event held in Tokushima, Japan, Machi Asobi

Since the first event in 2009, famous members of Japan’s anime industry (directors, voice actors, producers, creators, singers, etc.) gather in Tokushima with the latest anime works as the underlying theme

The many exciting features of the event have lured anime fans from all over the country.

These features go on all over town simultaneously, and it’s hard to choose where to go!

In spring there are attractions on the river, and in autumn there is a lot to see at the outdoor theater on Mt. Bizan!

If you want to experience Japan’s newest anime, you can’t miss Machi Asobi in Tokushima!

Mt. Bizan Summit Stage
Climb to the top of Mt. Bizan and there you’ll find a gigantic stage!
MACHI☆ASOBI Cosplay Championship Grand Prix
マチコレ グランプリ
The number one cosplayer is decided here! Two teams from China joined the competition in 2010!
Mt.Bizan Ropeway
Special sightseeing narration by famous voice actors!
Concert by popular voice actors
There are several concerts by famous anime voice actors during the festival!
Awa Odori Kaikan
Shinmachibashi Higashi Park and Higashi Shinmachi Shopping Arcade
Famous voice actor event
Parasol shops
See your favorite voice actors up close and personal! Booths sell limited edition goods, record radio broadcasts, and more
Cosplay fashion show
Themed bus
Cosplayers flounce down the red carpet in the fashion show    
Hyotan-Jima Cruise "Art Gallery Under the Bridges"
Spring MACHI☆ASOBI main event!
Giant posters featuring hit anime illustrations were installed under the bridges.
Check out the world's only art gallery located under bridges.
The popular sightseeing cruise is made into an anime fan's delight for the duration of the festival!
Airport Promotion
The gateway to Tokushima, Tokushima Awa Odori Airport,
was totally decked-out in anime banners during the 2010 autumn MACHI☆ASOBI.
There's no other airport like this! Anime-tastic!
Poppo Shopping Arcade JR Tokushima Station
Anime fans can't miss this! Original art exhibition, autograph sessions with famous manga artists, and more!
The spring MACHI☆ASOBI featured special limited edition entry tickets!
Try on a cosplay outfit and experiment with voice acting here!
Original Art Exhibition
So much original art by famous manga artists on display!
Live painting
Collaborative Illustration by Popular Manga Artists
Special limited edition tickets
The event just keeps evolving every time it is held. Check the latest information and come to Tokushima!
Tokushima is full of natural and traditional cultural attractions!
Awa Odori Dance Naruto Whirlpools
Iya Kazura Vine Bridge
Todoroki Waterfall
Awa Ningyo Joruri Traditional Puppet Theater Shikoku Henro Buddhist Pilgrimage Mugi Oshima Island and Area
Ochiai Mountain Hamlet Low Water Crossing Udatsu Streetscape
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